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The Deep-Sky Corner was created between 1996 and 2001 as a leisure project by a group of amateur astronomers. Virtual time travel: 1999, 2001, 2002. After that, the Deep-Sky Corner stayed asleep on astro!nfo until September 2020, when that website was discontinued. Now it has risen again on its own domain and is continuously updated.

11-20Another picture for Messier 53
11-08Text for Messier 5
11-06Finder charts for M 10 and M 12
11-01Some changes for new server; finder charts for M 9
09-12New objects: NGC 6791 and galaxy group NGC 4733, NGC 4754 and NGC 4762
09-09New objects: NGC 3718 and NGC 3729
09-06Description for M 4
08-24Description for M 3
08-23Description for M 2
08-16NGC 2024 including finder chart and description
08-12Various finder charts for Messier objects
07-29Messier catalogue now complete; added links from objects to constellations; finder charts for M1 through M7
07-06Drawing for Eskimo Nebula
06-21Additions to Messier catalogue
05-31New object: M63 (PhH)
05-30Visual description plus sketch for M81, M82
05-10New finder chart for NGC 6905 and NGC 404
04-27New object: NGC 3074
04-18Added pictures for M 53 & NGC 5053
04-16New objects: M 53 & NGC 5053, NGC 891, NGC 5248; here and there some corrections; new finder charts for Abell 70, NGC 6804 and NGC 6781
03-30Corrections at M33; additions in classifications; new object NGC 4038/9
03-08New finder chart for M81 & M82
02-25New pictures and finder charts for Twin Quasar and for 3C 273
02-24Added description for asterism Diamond in Virgo
02-16New finder charts for NGC 2371/2, NGC 6058, NGC 1513
02-15New finderchart for NGC 1701; some changes in layout; new finder charts; various corrections
02-13Added text in Taurus and Ursa Maior
02-08New finder chart for NGC 2392 plus vis. object description and drawing
01-18Correction of finder chart for Abell 70 and NGC 3242; additions and revisions for NGC 3242 (PhH)
01-16Visual object description of Quasar 3C 273; new location map for NGC 3242; star image abbreviations shifted from left to right in almost all files.
01-12Correction at NGC 2438 - Central object clarified (PhH)
01-08Additions for Abell 70
01-06Addition of visual description of NGC 2346 and NGC 2438 (PhH).
01-02Complete object description for NGC 2359 Wolf-Rayet Nebula in CMa (PhH).
01-01New object description for NGC 2346 'Butterfly Nebula' (PhH); small corrections in M 46 plus vis. object description and sketch of NGC 2438; small corrections in in M 15