FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contribute?

Just contact us. There is no login portal. Photos, drawings, visual descriptions of objects, corrections and suggestions for improvement are welcome. Files can be submitted via email, Dropbox, Google Drive, Whatsapp, Threema or whatever is easiest. Changes will be made by the editors.

How much does the Deep-Sky Corner cost?

The Deep-Sky Corner is free. However, donations are gladly accepted, because operation and maintenance costs a lot of time and some money, too. See Imprint.

How to use the Deep-Sky Corner?

The DSC is optimized for smartphone, tablet and desktop usage. The finder charts are optimized for the Telrad Finder and the close-ups with 1° field of view for long focal length eyepieces. You'll get the best observation experience by learning the constellations under a dark and clear sky. Select a constellation that is high in the sky and select it in the DSC. You'll get a tiled list of all deep-sky objects in that constellation. Go to the one you like the most, find it using the charts. If you have seen it long enough, simply select the next nearby object.

Is there a dark mode?

No. Buto on an Apple iPad or iPhone one can easily create a red colour filter using a shortcut for the home button and dim the screen brightness. This is convenient for other applications, too. There may be a similar feature on tablets from other vendors.

Is there a printed or offline version?

There is no printed or offline version, but you can download the entire website (circa 750 MB, 5500 files) using SiteSucker (available for MacOS and IOS) or similar tool (e.g. GNU Wget). It converts the website to localized static HTML and you can use it without internet connection. The DSC is designed to work perfectly on a tabled or smartphone.