Constellations on Southern Sky

The following constellations can not be seen at a geographical latitude of 47° north (Switzerland).

IAU Name English Name Opposition Season Declination DSO
Apus (Aps)Bird of Paradise22 May-67.5°-83.1°1
Ara (Ara)Altar10 June-45.5°-67.7°3
Carina (Car)Keel22 January-50.8°-75.7°5
Chamaeleon (Cha)Chameleon24 February-75.3°-83.1°1
Circinus (Cir)Compass7 May-55.4°-70.6°1
Crux (Cru)Southern Cross26 March-55.7°-64.7°3
Dorado (Dor)Swordfish7 December-48.7°-70.1°1
Horologium (Hor)Clock13 November-39.6°-67.0°1
Hydrus (Hyi)Male Water Snake29 October-57.8°-82.1°0
Indus (Ind)Indian9 August-45.0°-74.5°0
Mensa (Men)Table Mountain13 December-69.7°-85.3°0
Musca (Mus)Fly28 March-64.6°-75.7°3
Norma (Nor)Carpenter's Square22 May-42.3°-60.4°1
Octans (Oct)Octant9 August-74.3°-90.0°0
Pavo (Pav)Peacock12 July-56.6°-75.0°3
Phoenix (Phe)Phoenix4 October-39.3°-57.8°0
Pictor (Pic)Painter's Easel15 December-42.8°-64.2°0
Reticulum (Ret)Reticle22 November-52.7°-67.2°0
Telescopium (Tel)Telescope9 July-45.1°-57.0°0
Triangulum Australe (TrA)Southern Triangle22 May-60.3°-70.5°1
Tucana (Tuc)Toucan19 September-56.3°-75.3°2
Volans (Vol)Flying Fish14 January-64.1°-75.5°0

Opposition: The center of the constellation asterism is in opposition to the Sun on this day, i. e., it is at its highest point in the sky at local midnight. — Season: During these months, the constellation can be observed at night at a geographical latitude of 47° North. In the case of circumpolar constellations, these are near the zenith. — Declination: Northern and southern extent of the IAU constellation boundaries. — DSO: Number of described deep-sky objects.