Constellation Sculptor

Sculptor: IAU Constellation Map [150]


Sculptor is located south of Deneb Kaitos of the constellation Cetus and east of Formalhaut of the constellation Piscis Austrinus. It is inconspicuous and consists only of stars just under 4.5th size class. The area covered by the constellation in the sky is 475 square degrees and the center culminates around midnight on September 27th. [9, 15]

Data for constellation Sculptor [150]
IAU NameSculptor
IAU GenitiveSculptoris
IAU Abbr.Scl
English NameSculptor
Opposition30 September
Season (47° N)August … December
Right Ascension23h 06m 43s … 01h 45m 50s
Declination-39° 22' 21" … -24° 48' 15"
Area475 deg2
Neighbours (N↻)Cet, Aqr, PsA, Gru, Phe, For

Deep-Sky Object Descriptions



Sculptor is one of the nondescript, almost forgotten constellations introduced by Lacaille in 1752. Its original name was L'atelier du Sculpteur (the sculptor's studio). Why it should remind of this remains unclear. [7]


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