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The Deep-Sky Corner was created between 1996 and 2001 as a leisure project by a group of amateur astronomers. Virtual time travel: 1999, 2001, 2002. After that, the Deep-Sky Corner stayed asleep on astro!nfo until September 2020, when that website was discontinued. Now it has risen again on its own domain and is continuously updated.

12-31Adopting of change history since 1996 of DSC as MySQL table; some responsive design HTML/CSS fixes; new object Quasar S5 0014+81; HST photo of 3C 273; HST photo of M 1;
12-30Photos and background information for Skull Nebula and Helix Nebula
12-29New object descriptions by Eduard von Bergen: NGC 4485/90, NGC 4567/7, NGC 4631/27/56/57, NGC 6939, NGC 6946, NGC 7331, QSO 0957+561A/B, UGC 3697, UGC 10214
12-28Inclusion of Google Custom Search functionality.
12-27New object descriptions by Eduard von Bergen: B 33, G 1, Hickson 57, M 51, M 65, M 66, NGC 3628, NGC 2264, NGC 3718/29, NGC 4038/9
12-26New object descriptions by Eduard von Bergen: NGC 253, M 101, M 16, NGC 7293, NGC 7662, NGC 6445, NGC 6781, NGC 6826
12-25GDPR compliant Imprint (hopefully)
12-24New object descriptions by Eduard von Bergen: M 8, M 13, M 27, M 31, M 57, M 71, M 78, M 81/82, M 104
12-23Eduard von Bergen donates object descriptions and drawings from his Deep-Sky Guide. Thank you very much!
12-17The Deep-Sky Corner moves to its own domain deepskycorner.ch. Changes of PHP code and MySQL database. Layout changes for responsive design optimized for both smartphones and desktop. Only in German.
10-27Purchase of domain deepskycorner.ch at Swizzonic.
10-11Sleeping Beauty has woken up! Revival of the Deep-Sky Corner (formally at: deepsky.astronomie.info, deepsky.astronomie.ch, deepsky.astroinfo.org, deepsky.astroinfo.ch, www.astroinfo.ch/dsc) after death of astro!nfo, temporarily at nies.ch/deepsky. Reconstruction of all pages from web.archive.org, change of structure, fixing wrong HTML syntax, rewriting PHP code from scratch, fixing links, create new MySQL database, import of NGC, PGC and PNG catalogs into MySQL, and lot more.