Planetary Nebula Baade 1

Baade 1
Baade 1: Planetary nebula in Taurus; 500 mm Cassegrain 3625 mm f/7.2, SBIG STL11K; 150+20+20+20 min LRGB; Bernese Highlands; © 2011 Radek Chromik [32]


This planetary nebula was discovered in the early 1930s by German astronomer Walter Baade with the 1m reflector telescope at the Hamburg observatory in Bergedorf. Due to the small angular extent it was initially not possible to determine whether it was a real planetary nebula or an abnormal extragalactic nebula (galaxy). In 1931 Baade was appointed to the Mount Wilson Observatory in California. Recordings with the 2.5m reflector telescope finally confirmed its nature as PN in 1935. [452, 453]

Physical Properties

The apparent brightness of the nebula is 14.6 mag in the B band and 14.3 mag in the V band. The diameter is 38 arc seconds and the distance is 2.5 kpc. [145]

«Strasbourg-ESO Catalogue of Galactic Planetary Nebulae» Acker et al., 1992 [141]
Designations PN G171.3-25.8: Ba 1, PK 171-25.1, ARO 87, VV 14, VV' 20
Right Ascension (J2000.0) 03h 53m 30s
Declination (J2000.0) +19° 27' 51"
Dimensions 38." (optical)
Radial Velocity -19.9 ± 8.6 km/s
Expansion Velocity 35.5 (O-III) km/s
C-Star Designations AG82 24
C-Star Magnitude B: 18.7
Discoverer BAADE 1935

Finder Chart

The planetary nebula Baade 1 is located in the constellation Taurus. The best observation time is August to March.

Finder Chart Planetary Nebula Baade 1
Planetary Nebula Baade 1 in constellation Taurus. Charts created using SkySafari 6 Pro and STScI Digitized Sky Survey. Limiting magnitudes: Constellation chart ~6.5 mag, DSS2 close-ups ~20 mag. [149, 160]

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