Galactic Nebula Kohoutek 2-1

Kohoutek 2-1
Kohoutek 2-1: Galactic nebula in Auriga; 500 mm Cassegrain f/7.2; SBIG STL11K; 380-40-40-40 min LRGB; Bernese Highlands; © 2011 Radek Chromik [32]


The supposed planetary nebula K 2-1 was discovered in 1962 by the Czech astronomer Luboš Kohoutek on the photo plates of the «Palomar Observatory Sky Survey» (POSS). He wrote: «On the red print, light nebula with a non-uniform density and blunt edges and the dimensions 2x2 arcminutes. Near the center is a blue star. The nebula is less bright on the blue print.» [436] Originally, the nebula was considered to be a planetary nebula, which is why Luboš Perek and Luboš Kohoutek included the designation PK 173-5.1 in the «Catalog of Galactic Planetary Nebulae» (CGPN) published in 1967. In 1987 the misclassification was recognized and the nebula identified with LBN 809 (Lynds Bright Nebula). [437] In the 2000 edition, the nebula is also listed as misclassified and identified as an H-II region. [146]

Physical Properties

On Simbad the nebula is listed as a reflection nebula. The distance is given as 1071 parsecs (approx. 3500 light years). [145]

«Strasbourg-ESO Catalogue of Galactic Planetary Nebulae» Acker et al., 1992 [141]
Designations PN G173.7-05.8: K 2- 1, PK 173-05.1, ARO 175
Right Ascension (J2000.0) 05h 07m 09s
Declination (J2000.0) +30° 50' 03"
Dimensions 132." (optical)
Radial Velocity +19.2 ± 4.5 km/s
C-Star Designations AG82 41
C-Star Magnitude B: 18.8
Discoverer KOHOUTEK 1963

Finder Chart

The nebula Kohoutek 2-1 is located in the constellation Auriga between the stars Elnath (β Tauri) and Al Kab (ι Aurigae). The best time to observe is August to April, when it is highest at night.

Finder Chart Galactic Nebula Kohoutek 2-1
Galactic Nebula Kohoutek 2-1 in constellation Auriga. Charts created using SkySafari 6 Pro and STScI Digitized Sky Survey. Limiting magnitudes: Constellation chart ~6.5 mag, DSS2 close-ups ~20 mag. [149, 160]

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