Aquarius / Milky Way Globular Clusters

«A Catalog of Parameters for Globular Clusters in the Milky Way» William E. Harris, 1996 [148]
NGC 6981M 7220 53 27.70-12 32 14.317.012.9-1.4240.0516.9016.319.27- ± 3.7-336.21.21 0.460.9319.022.388.729.23
NGC 7089M 221 33 27.02-00 49 23.711.510.4-1.6550.0616.0515.506.47- ± ± 0.61.59 0.321.0615.784.008.489.40
NGC 749223 08 26.63-15 36 41.426.325.3-1.7850.0017.6317.1011.29-5.810.230.420.24-177.5 ± 0.6-176.21.2 ± 1.00.72 0.861.1520.681.279.609.44


Key to columns [148]
ID Cluster identification number
Name Other commonly used cluster name
RA Right ascension (epoch J2000)
Dec Declination (epoch J2000)
RSun Distance from Sun (kiloparsecs)
RGC Distance from Galactic center (kpc), assuming R_0=8.0 kpc
Fe/H Metallicity [Fe/H]
wt Weight of mean metallicity; essentially the number of independent [Fe/H] measurements averaged together.
EB-V Foreground reddening
VHB V magnitude level of the horizontal branch (or RR Lyraes)
(m-M)V Apparent visual distance modulus
Vt Integrated V magnitude of the cluster
MV,t Absolute visual magnitude (cluster luminosity), M_V,t = V_t - (m-M)V
U-B Integrated color indices (uncorrected for reddening)
B-V Integrated color indices (uncorrected for reddening)
V-R Integrated color indices (uncorrected for reddening)
V-I Integrated color indices (uncorrected for reddening)
spt Spectral type of the integrated cluster light
ellip Projected ellipticity of isophotes, e = 1-(b/a)
vr Heliocentric radial velocity (km/s)
vLSR Radial velocity relative to Solar neighborhood LSR
sigv Central velocity dispersion sig_v (km/s)
c King-model central concentration, c = log(r_t/r_c); a 'c' denotes a core-collapsed cluster
rc Core radius in arcmin
rh Half-light radius in arcmin
μV Central surface brightness, V magnitudes per square arcsecond
ρ0 Central luminosity density, log_10(Solar luminosities per cubic parsec)
lg(tc) Core relaxation time t(r_c), in log_10(years)
lg(th) Median relaxation time t(r_h), in log_10(years)